Blockchain Engineer

Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos

About the company

We are a fast paced startup building the future of decentralized finances. Our purpose is to democratize affordable access to digital assets and stablecoins to all individuals in the world.

Defiant is a self-custodial multi-blockchain wallet that enables anyone to have and use cryptocurrencies in a very simple manner and without hassle. Financial freedom for everyone.

Position within the company

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Short and long-term goals

The Blockchain Engineer will analyze, plan, propose and help implement blockchain infrastructure to support the different services Defiant offers to its users.

During current and next year, Defiant team will meet very rich and diverse milestones, with an expected exponential user increase. They will also tackle the integration of a variety of new DeFi projects to the app, layer-2 technologies on different blockchains, developing inhouse dapps, and much more.

As in any startup, the Blockchain Engineer will engage in all aspects of the company, at all levels;  a major and rare opportunity to gain first-hand experience in diverse areas not strictly related to software development. We expect her/him to become a leader and provide guidance to future newcomers, and help communicate the company values she/he has contributed to creating.

Required qualifications

Candidate must have:

  • Knowledge of Ethereum and EVMs, Bitcoin protocol.
  • Experience using Web3.
  • Experience developing upon blockchain technologies (e.g. utilising smart contracts, setting up and configuring nodes, and such).
  • Analytical-rational thinking, and be used to building based on documentation, proposals and standards (BIPs, EIPs).

Preferred skills

It would be ideal for the candidate to also have:

  • Computer Science degree or equivalent (advanced students welcome).
  • Experience developing smart contracts using Solidity.
  • Familiarity with layer-2 blockchain technologies.
  • A strong focus on security.
  • Good practices and a like for optimum quality documentation.

Soft skills expected

The candidate will be part of an agile, horizontal and goal-driven team, working remotely. So she/he should be able to manage her/his own time, be good at decision making, and used to work driven by objectives.

Good communication skills will be needed also to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the team, both technical and non-technical staff. Also because important strategic and tactical decisions are often made by the teams themselves.


Completely remote.

Position type

Full time.


Pay appropriate to the position and on cryptocurrency (to be chosen by the candidate).


Please send us an email with the subject “Blockchain Engineer” containing your CV, and tell us why you would like to join our team.