Product Manager

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About the company

Defiant is a self-custodial multi-blockchain wallet that enables anyone to have and use cryptocurrencies in a very simple way and without hassle. Financial freedom for everyone.
We are a fast paced startup building the future of decentralized finances. Our purpose is to democratize affordable access to digital assets and stablecoins to all individuals in the world.

Position within the company

Product Manager

Short and long-term goals

The chosen person will be responsible for the strategy, planning, execution, and launch of new versions of the product or sub-products. Its mission is to coordinate all the teams involved in the Product from its conceptualization to its launch.

You will need to identify consumer needs and meet them through product development and delivery. This includes the research part prior to product development and post-product strategies so that market reception is as optimal as possible.

Also you will be in charge of:

  • Identifying what problems and needs the consumer has, in order to know what products to create,
  • Ensuring that products are created and delivered correctly,
  • Analyzing how users respond to these products,
  • Obtaining insights to constantly improve the product,
  • Having the clarity to define a vision for the product and a clear roadmap with deliverables over time to test the value with the market,
  • Periodically analyzing the needs of users to improve the delivery of value (through qualitative and quantitative methodologies),
  • Analyzing the macro market trends of your sector and trends in the product typology to have an updated solution,
  • Coordinating and monitoring the perception of the brand and the product by the different customer segments,
  • Prioritizing product functionalities based on return on investment (ROI),
  • Guaranteeing the product-market fit and create processes to correctly receive the feedback of the users and adjust the product to them, after analyzing it strategically.

As in any startup, the hiree will engage in all aspects of the company, at all levels. We expect her/him to become a leader and provide guidance to future newcomers, and help communicate the company values she/he has contributed to creating.

Required qualifications

Candidate must have:

  • At least 1.5 years of experience as Product Manager
  • Experience working in crypto/fintech.

Soft skills expected

The candidate will be part of an agile, horizontal, and goal-driven team, working remotely. So she/he should be able to manage her/his own time, be good at decision making, and be used to work driven by objectives. Also:

  1. Communication and relationship management
  2. Strategic and Creative Thinking
  3. Execution and Prioritization
  4. Empathy and customer orientation
  5. Emotional intelligence


Completely remote.

Position type

Full time.

The PM will report directly to the management team. You will have freedom of action between all teams, be it business, technology, and user experience departments, working as an intermediary and bridge between these teams.


Pay appropriate to the position and on cryptocurrency (to be chosen by the candidate).


Please send us an email with the subject “Product Manager” containing your CV, and tell us why you would like to join our team.