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Buy crypto with your credit card and straight into your non-custodial wallet

Tiempo de lectura: 3 minutos We have recently agreed on a new partnership with Ramp Network, an on-ramp platform for crypto users all over the world.

Tiempo de lectura: 3 minutos

We are thrilled to announce that Defiant has recently agreed on a new partnership with Ramp Network, an on-ramp platform for crypto users all over the world. Our users will now have the possibility of depositing funds with a debit card, Apple Pay or bank transfer (including SEPA transfers for European Countries) straight into their non-custodial wallet.

At Defiant we believe in delivering simple and easy-to-use products without compromising the safety and freedom cryptocurrencies bring in. One of the main challenges towards widespread adoption of crypto products is the lack of straight-forward answers to day-to-day problems. That’s why we aim at making life easier to everyday users that want to make the best out of their investments.

By integrating with Ramp, we manage to offer an intuitive fiat-to-crypto gateway for people in more than 170 countries. Most wallets require users to buy their crypto at a centralized exchange and then transfer the funds into their wallet. This does not only mean having to bear transaction cost, but also results in a poor user experience and adds up some transactional risk to the whole operation.

Thanks to our new partnership with Ramp, our users can buy crypto using their preferred payment method and will get their money transferred directly into their non-custodial wallet. Yes, that’s it. You can keep control of your coins and your keys but still get an easy way in from fiat through Defiant and Ramp Network.

What’s Ramp Network?

Ramp Network is a ramp-in solution for crypto users and projects. It has been built to offer an intuitive and easy to use gateway from fiat into the crypto world. The goal is to allow users to move funds as easily, fast and low-cost as possible.

Users can benefit from Ramp’s services through third party tools that integrate with Ramp’s Network. Crypto projects such as wallets or decentralized applications can use API to integrate with Ramp and offer a cash-in solution to their users.

In order to keep the whole ramp-in experience as smooth as possible, Ramp implements a tiered KYC model, that allows small users to benefit from it’s product without having to provide much information. Users purchasing less than 250 EUR by bank transfer or 100 EUR by debit cards only need to include their name and address. Higher amounts or a bigger number of transactions means more KYC requirements.

The KYC is necessary since Ramp Network is a UK-based crypto project fully compliant with existing regulations and under supervision by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

An additional advantage of Ramp over similar solutions, is the fact that Ramp is the only provider that works directly with Ethereum compatible blockchains.

About Ramp integration in Defiant

The partnership between Defiant and Ramp is going to allow Defiant users in more than 170 countries to cash-in straight into their non-custodial wallet.You can check if Ramp’s solution is available in your country by checking out the following map or if you visit this page.

Most countries support different methods, you can check yours directly on Ramp’s website. Some of the options are bank transfers (SEPA), debit cards, credit cards and even Open Banking solutions (like Revolut or Apple Pay). It’s worth noting that debit cards, credit cards and Apple Pay are accepted in almost every country on the list.

Defiant users will be able to buy many different cryptocurrencies directly from their phones. We hope that this integration will greatly improve the user experience and strengthen the position Defiant holds as an all-inclusive solution for Crypto onboarding – easy to set, easy to fund, easy to manage – all within a non-custodial wallet that satisfies the highest safety and privacy standards.

Some of the coins supported are: Bitcoin, Ether, DAl, USDC and many others. Once after having cashed in from Fiat to Crypto, our users can transform their coins into any other ETH or RSK token they want through our internal swapping feature.

Frictionless deposits, frictionless swapping and frictionless DeFi all over the world to keep your money safe and at hand in your pocket (and not on some exchange’s database).

Buy Crypto in more than 10 languages

We are thrilled to announce that together with our integration with Ramp, Defiant app has been translated into more than 10 different languages. Yes, that’s right. You can now buy crypto from all over the world and set your favourite non-custodial wallet into your native language.

These are the all the languages supported by Defiant app:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Thay
  • Vietnamese
  • Chinese
  • German
  • French
  • Italian

Didn’t find your language on the list? You can help us translate! Reach out and help the crypto world gain mass adoption.