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Defiant integrates Sovryn’s AMM

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Users now have an easy way to get SOV tokens using Defiant wallet.

Defiant continues improving the experience for the Defi for Bitcoin community with the integration of Sovryn’s AMM

By using this new feature, users will be able to swap RBTC, rUSDT, DOC or BPRO for SOV tokens on a single tap, without entering the dApp.

Swap like a pro!

Getting SOV has never been easier. All you need is to have Defiant wallet installed on your mobile and then you just swap the tokens. Remember you need some rBTC to pay the RSK network fees.

On Defiant you won’t need to set the gas fees like in desktop wallets, we have sorted it all out for a seamless experience 😉

Defiant Wallet Swap.
Swap RBTC, rUSDT, DOC or BPRO for SOV on a single tap.
Gas fees in Defiant Wallet.
You won’t need to set the gas fee.

By the way, it’s not all about SOV. Many other Sovryn swaps are also integrated into the app, so you can trade between RBTC, SOV, DoC, BPRO and rUSDT with just a few taps on your phone.

Got SOV, now what?

As of today, you can take advantage of Sovryn’s staking feature and immediately start earning a portion of the platform trading fees. Revenues are distributed on an ongoing basis to those actively staking, in relation to their voting weight. 

You can use WalletConnect to link Defiant wallet to Sovryn dApp and start earning straight away 🚀

About Sovryn

Sovryn is a Bitcoin-based decentralized trading and lending platform that aims to bring decentralized finance (DeFi) to Bitcoin. In order for Bitcoin to reach its full potential, Sovryn creates a decentralized financial operating system that, like Bitcoin, is borderless, censorship resistant, permissionless, and secured by the Bitcoin Network.