First non - custodial mobile wallet & p2p market, focused on decentralized stablecoins.

Trade cryptocurrencies from the Bitcoin, RSK and Ethereum ecosystem with people close to you, using geolocation!

Crypto and Tokens listed



Does’t need previus experience using crypto.


Creating your wallet is free and it will always be.


Your funds are always available. No one has access to them except you.


You can have your wallet and get crypto in a few seconds.


First wallet working for Bitcoin, RSK and Ethereum.

Non Custodial

Nobody has access to your crypto except you. You can take them wherever you want, whenever you want.

P2P Market (Peer to peer)

You can exchange crypto within the app without intermediaries.

Stable Coins

You can have your Dollar on Chain (DOC) and your DAIs, cryptocurrencies in parity with the dollar.


Defiant allows you to manage your finances in a decentralized way. There is no institution involved, not even we have access to your crypto.

Main functions

You can create a new wallet or import an existing one into the app.

Receive and send Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Exchange between multiple currencies via RSKswap, Uniswap and Coinswitch.

Minting and redemption of Money on Chain (MOC) and RIF On Chain coins.

P2P market for buying and selling crypto.

You have information about each currency, its price and actions.

Aliases (friendly names) for your addresses, through RNS (Rif Name Service).

Support for Bitcoin Segwit and Bitcoin Legacy addresses.

We challenge the idea that what we know is all there is.
A century ago, sending value between continents took months.
Digital money appeared two decades ago.
Only a few years ago the blockchain was created, solving technological and trust aspects between parties.
Goodbye to intermediation and centralization.
Decentralized finance allows each person to actually be in control of their value.
Defiant is your door into this new world and the new ones to come.


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